201 helps companies to simplify their digital media framework towards a transparent and manageable system.

Digital media companies are supported in their digital transformation processes with the experience 201 holds in advertising technology, marketing, analytics and change management.

Technology companies in the digital media industry are supported to simplify and streamline their product offering to meet the high demands of digital media companies.

201 connects and improves, with it's customers together.

Digital Media technology

As the corner stone of the digital media framework is technology, used and managed by skilled profesionals. Learn more about the experience for the various technologies to manage sales, operations, analytics and optimization. Manage your digital media framework

Digital Trading / RTB

Digital trading in premium and remnant has developed into a large business for the market. We specialize in SSP’s for premium publishers to protect and control premium revenues without missing the automated trading (r)evolution. Develop your SSP.


If people have the same information they tend to take the same decisions. To fuel this internal cooperation and drive change 201 has a broad range of experience to drive internal and external analytics within companies. Get insights from your data

Consumer privacy

201 believes in the protection of managed protection of the privacy of the individual user and is actively engaged in the debate around online privacy from a standpoint to focus on the solution and the impact on business processes. Wouter Hulst will be active during the National Privacy Debate organized by IDG. Act on e-privacy

Audience Development

Ensuring the right message at to the right audience is crucial for both publishers and advertisers. 201 has specific experience with audience development, also in an environment that takes user’s privacy seriously through a combination of internal analytics and panel based insights. Segment your audience

Product Development

Many technology suppliers have smart and breakthrough technologies to support the digital media framework but not always communicate and position this effectively to different European prospects.Learn how we help technology companies grow their business


Publishers have many options currently to monetize their traffic. 201 believes that publishers should re-invest in controlling their own sales destiny again instead of continuing on the path of outsourcing sales to networks and exchanges. Keep control on your monetization