Audience development

“In real life listening is more important then talking, listen to your audience and offer the content that engages them.”

Development of the users visiting a site is of most importance since it becomes more expensive to attract users to a site and with the fast growth of the internet retaining users is a core focus.

Segmentation: segmentation of audience to enable dynamic content optimization has proven to improve customer experience and leads to user retention. Using technologies that capture user events can be combined to develop a clear segmentation which then can be used by content management systems to automatically optimize content. On large sites segmentation can also be created with external certified data from panels if no internal, or not sufficient, internal data can be used. 201 has experience in integrating validated panel data from Comscore©.
Targeting: through the use of social effects like Facebook© Twitter© and others in relation to enabling content sharing on those platforms enables targeted focus on new users. Once users have been targeted through social, e-mail or any other channel their first experience on the landing page is of high importance. Combining segmentation criteria, source analysis and internal multi variable testing techniques helps to ensure right balance between the targeted audience and the delivered content.
Interaction: interaction techniques like social integration and various levels of chat offerings can drive interaction opportunities with audiences to increase engagement and offer better support. The relationship with offering interaction, the impact on the business processes and the potential profitability needs to be supported by analytics to ensure the fine balance between offering support and engagement versus dissatisfaction through too much interaction focus.

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