Consumer privacy

“Digital media is used since 1996 for advertising and is therefore a 17 year old young adolescent and needs to grow up. To enter the next stage the privacy and freedom of users have to be reinstated, the internet is about freedom. Freedom to express, read, write and consume.”

201 takes the stand that the market needs to adapt to the privacy objectives from the European Union and needs to proactively search for the changes needed for this improved privacy. To ensure governments do not take an even more involving stand on the internet the market needs to grow up and enforce jointly a more trustworthy network, as it was designed to be.
We support companies in simplifying their privacy rules whilst ensuring control by consumers to manage the relationship with the company involved. Driving this change will also lead to simplification and a refocus on digital media from conversion rates, attribution modeling and click-rate focus towards a more creative and qualitative advertising model, similar to what user can experience in television and on radio.
Wouter Hulst is also a speaker at the National Privacy Debate in the Netherlands, organized by IDG, to support the discussion and drive a solution based approach to the current challenges in the market.

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