Automated digital trading

“The digital trading movement is strong and experiences double digit growth – but doing it wright the first time is critical for established publishers.”

With Automated Trading reaching over 50% in some markets in revenue and more in impressions, it is a consistent revenue stream. Mostly started with remnant or unsold impressions which where auctioned in an exchange. This model evolved since 2008 fast with full automation on the buy and sell side and the incorporation of massive ‘big data’ based insights. Many publishers, agencies, trading desks and advertisers are using the same software platforms for these services. The question rises how publishers can differentiate themselves and outperform competition.

“When most companies all use similar software in their online sales processes, how do you create a strategic competitive advantage?”


To create a strategic competitive advantage the right combination of business models, people and supporting technology is required. The strategy needs to be aligned with the premium advertising strategy to avoid cannibalization of current revenue streams. Development of this balance is often the first step and triggers many questions.

Business models

Within the Digital Trading / RTB market there are various business models to consider and are closely related to the expectations of revenue, level of data sharing and prioritization of consumer privacy. Models can be defined based on payment models (CPM, CPC, CPL etc.) and or the way publishers work with digital trading desks and agencies with minimum price levels and other financial arrangements.

Organizational readiness

Before the technical implementation should start the organizational structure needs to be developed to ensure the team is part of the development. Non typical digital advertising skills like analytics, yield management and very strong negotiation skills are required. Since Digital Trading is based on non-guaranteed commitments by the publishers, the balance between buyer and seller is shifting.

Technology selection and optimization

Within the market many technologies are available, all with specific functionalities for specific strategies. The most used are Google AdExchange, Google AdSense, Improve Digital, Pubmatic, Rubicon, Admeta and Platform 161. Most are developed for the web based ecosystem, only some are ready for growth in mobile, tablet and video

201 Experience

Since the last 5 years 201 Connected Media has been involved in strategy and implementation of many Digital Trading platforms in Europe, for the following companies.


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