“The answer for higher monetization for publisher websites is not technology only, it is the combination of technology, creativity and business insights.”

Monetization of website, or ‘how to make money with your site’, is at the core of digital media for publishers and is heavily discussed. Many of these discussions all focus on the same: optimization of campaigns and automation of the process. Although 201 agrees with some of these strategies, the core for monetization is finding the strategic competitive advantage to attract customers. In that perspective it is time for a different approach, to create a specific, lasting and sustainable. Some projects 201 have been working on are listed below:

Making premium campaigns premium: many publishers focus on premium advertising, or guaranteed impressions, which typically yield a higher return but these campaigns are under pressure. The currency used for these campaigns between buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers) seems to be clicks and not reached audience and brand impact. 201 has experience in driving the discussion between these groups to shift the discussion to a more rich discussion focused on the communications and creative process versus click optimization. Reporting of the results of the campaign, including benchmarking, is a integral part of this approach. In light of the research by Comscore © that only 15% of users click ads online this shift is of paramount importance.
Develop new product packages: the cost per thousand impressions in digital media has been deleted in the last years and do not show any signs of improvements. Creating other packages then banners are important to offer advertisers a better and more engaging product and offer users a more creative and qualitative advertising product.
Private ad exchange: many publishers ‘throw’ their unsold impressions to open exchange in an effort to attract some advertising revenue for banners not sold directly themselves. This creates many internal competitive issues with the in-house sales force but more important it completely deletes the value of the site. 201 has experience with the largest publishers to create closed exchanges to ensure full control of impressions and offer the most valuable advertisers a diversified product offer.

Monetization is very specific per site to find the specific competitive advantage, connect to jointly develop yours. The basis for a strong monetization structure is a qualitative analytics framework.

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