Product development

“Great technology developed by great specialist is not a guarantee for commercial success, adapting the technology to customer needs is.”

201 Supports technology companies in the area of digital media to adapt their commercial strategies to match customer needs, being publishers or advertisers. With the depth of experience in both markets 201 can offer great insights, best practices and a strong network to align product features with the various markets in Europe. The approach used for these services is:

Insights: at first an internal current state analysis is conducted to fully understand the capabilities of the technology, process and organization. This analysis includes customer reviews, financial reviews and competitive overviews and is based on a structured proven approach for analysis. The services are also relevant to investment firms for due diligence research.
Growth strategy: as for many technology companies in digital media the rule is: grow or get out. In a joint effort a realistic market growth scenario is developed with a financial, organizational and commercial review that is used as a guidance for short and medium term development.
Positioning, segmentation and targeting: after the growth strategy has been defined a clear positioning is developed to support the competitive advantage. The core focus is to have a simplified elevator pitch that clearly explains the strategy and positions the company at the right level. Based on the segments defined in the growth planning support is given to define specific targeting approaches based on company profiles, regions and the development stage of specific markets.
Coaching and training: plans are great, execution is better. With that motto 201 engages also directly in the execution phase with comprehensive coaching and training for the organization which companies best practices from operational excellence and strategic selling skills.

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